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Our History


We got our start in 1986, as Nur Kindergarten.

Our esteemed founder, Madam Sa'adiah Binte Mohamed Shaffi, created short-hour kindergarten programmes specially targeted at developing

the potentials of minority children all over Singapore.

She was a pioneer in the industry of private early childhood education (Singapore).

Due to evolving family dynamics,  AmeriCare Child Development Centre

was subsequently established in 1991 to meet the demands of  

early childhood education as well as childcare services.

Till present, AmeriCare CDC has been serving families from different backgrounds, races, religions & nationalities in providing quality services and programmes at affordable rates for both local and international students.

Our Mission & Motto

To cultivate individuals who are dynamic, effective & morally upright, always striving for the best.

Our Aims & Philosophies

1.  To provide social and moral values for the children and be good citizens.


2.  To provide a warm , secure , safe and loving atmosphere for children.


3.  To provide appropriate and worthwhile experiences and opportunities for children

     to learn in a way that is interesting , educational , challenging and promotes



4.  To provide an environment where children and adults can interact with honesty ,

     compassion , interest and affection.


5.  To provide a program for both individual and groups designed to promote social ,

     emotional , physical , language and intellectual development.


6.  To help children achieve their potential to have fun and to participate according to

     their interest , ability and preference.


7.  To respect the family unit and provide opportunities wherever possible for parents

     to participate in the centre's activities.


8.  To provide flexible programs that are culturally relevant and that meet the needs

     of families in the community.


9.  To provide opportunities for adult students to gain experience and knowledge of

     the young child.


10. To provide a healthy environment that promotes the well being of children in the



11. To have a good parent / teacher relationship.  

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